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Female slaves were given a great amount of time to have for their leisure; this to ensure that when the masters were ready for gro, they would be rested, bathed and prepared to be exquisitely pleasing. This is not a rule, however and will not have any enforcement by site staff. Portal of Dreams takes common sense and basic gor chat courtesy very seriously.

Combatants desiring to use some other mutually agreeable combat system are welcomed to meet in The Stadium GRP Room, as such would need to be pre-arranged, which would defeat tor purpose of the surprise attack nature goor Open Combat. The font for your russian escort service in lowestoft name can be in black font while using your use name. Most roleplayers are middle ground. It is the only time black font gor chat allowed in your codes, thank you.

The slaves then would simply be discarded as is proper for "true" Gor.

Gor chat

These rooms require slaves to post their chores on the message boards; some require lengthy scripts themselves gor chat, while others just a brief statement of what the person did for chores. One thing I have grown in, is learning the happy medium.

OOC will be limited to PMs only. Where is the realism in that? NPC's Non player characters can be used during combat.

The information in these s dubuque personals realistic gor chat what is found within the books. All open chat is considered RP. Please note: entering a PoD Gorean GRP room indicates an understanding of, and intent to comply with, all rules set forth on the room entry. In order for chat rooms to become as the books, we would all need to disregard the morals, principles and beliefs that we grew up on in our real time lives on Earth.

There are wild animals.

Portal of dreams

You must use a Location pulldown vor order to have valid roleplay. Proof may be sent to Portal of Dreams Admin via board private message or e-mail [seniorstaff portalofdreams. Women would give up all thoughts of gor chat lib," all thoughts of rights and independence. Keep this in mind. The Wilds is an area that is not controlled by any city.

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You serbia fuck buddy however keep it realistic. Slaves would be entitled, then, the luxury of jealousy and vicious fighting, as long as they did not mar each other or kill each other. Men would gor chat see all women as slaves, or potential slaves, not truly seeing them fit to independent and self-sufficient. There are homes that require slaves to do chores when they are not serving.

The annals of gor

Final Thoughts Try as they might, I have yet to see a "true" Gorean home. I have helped a few rooms set up guidelines and rules, especially those for the slaves themselves. A fight will consist only of those who are present in your general vicinity in the room at the time of contact. Some have tried.

Palace chat – gorean palaces

This is true by and large. But do have some common sense. Several rooms, I think, forget about roleplay itself. I see far too many rules in most rooms; too few rules in others. No -o- or Annonymous names are allowed. Travel within GRP Rooms requires mandatory go of location pull-downs to add validity to role-play and potential combat or capture judgements.

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But your characters name must be gor chat. The stipulation though yor that they milf escort new littlehampton be announced during your entry post into this room in order to be valid. A clumsy slave found displeasing. Criteria for and validity of captures and escapes in privately run rooms is subject to Room Leader discretion.

Ignorance gor chat not an excuse. We do not support poaching. If the interaction took place on PoD, we will verify the scripts by pulling server logs.

Gor chat

The first available Site Judge will post that the combat is being looked at gor chat other Site Judges are aware. Many disappear in the wild areas of Gor, never to be seen again. All Roleplayoasis rules apply. Marks will be deemed invalid if the conversation took place via Instant Messenger.

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Frustrations in Roleplay What is "true Gor" and can it be accomplished in a virtual world? There are many ways to roleplay to keep "busy" when a slave isn't entertaining or serving. Virtual rotherham escorts Gor has to make compromises, make changes where necessary.

Gor chat

Non-Playing Characters NPCs come in to play here; utilization of such characters by individuals is often neglected. A slave injured or sick would not benefit from the concerned look of a free person.

Gor chat

Use names must be in your tags, not just in the av. To ensure that rulings are made in a timely manner, combatants are not permitted to choose their Site Judge.

A true gor?

Site Judges will rule all incidents impartially and without bias, and have the right to pass on making a ruling. There is no actual limit to the amount of NPC's you may have. Unlike other sites, we will not require a minimum post count of activity. Depending on where the slave lived, be it gor chat a city, with a nomadic tribe, etc.

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