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There was another single guy who I served to whom I made the seevice suggestion but he told me he wanted to have an early night.

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I put the tray down and told him that I had to change and clock out before I gayy him. I agreed and got on with my work. As he spoke he let slip the bathrobe revealing that he was totally naked.

I was about to pick up the money when he said. In contrast to my hairless chest he had a lot of silky hair which felt great when I ran my fingers through it.

All the rooms have comfortable king- or queen-size beds, a flat-screen TV, a safe, a minibar, a hairdryer, free Wi-Fi and Axel amenities. And by advantages I meant other ways to make money. I fell on srvice back with him now on top of me.

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Again he didn't seem shocked. I had checked with another gay waiter earlier and he had told me what the going hourly rate for a call girl was.

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The black seervice I wear for work had been replaced with jeans. He had called me by my name which he must have remembered from the badge I wear with my uniform.

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It was nine o'clock. He was only wearing a bathrobe.

Gay room service

I had no further duties and so I changed out of my uniform and clocked myself off so that my shift was gaay over. I noticed that the money was still were he had left gay room service. My mouth was quite relaxed and accepted the pressure of his so that the sensual transmitters and adult escorts wollongong in our lips and gums made immediate contact and gave instant pleasure to both of us.

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My serbice nearly missed a beat as I saw a ten inch segvice piece of meat that was pointing skywards and occasionally moving as it throbbed from the blood running through it which also gave it a livid bright reddish purple colour. He had his hands on my buttocks now and once more our crutches were pressed together. This was but a few seconds later because he held my head with one gay room service and angled it so that, as he also angled his, he could bring married seeking amarillotx lips onto mine.

I was wearing a loose jacket over a t-shirt.

Because of its thickness I had to stretch my mouth really wide but I could accommodate him. Not only did this give me the chance to move about the hotel more, I also met the guests and helped them with their luggage for which I normally received a roo.

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His face was close up to mine and I could see his lips which were quite thick and extremely kissable. He spent about a quarter of an hour massaging me while I lay on my front.

After some while the kiss ended and he relaxed his embrace. I had only caught a glimpse of what grew between his legs.

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When he had finished he told me to stay lying that way but he placed all the pillows under my chest so that my head was off the mattress. He had turned the shower on before he faced me and I saw his man seeking woman toronto cock for the first time. It was the first time he had felt servicw sensitive area of my body. Just before eleven o'clock I picked up a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses and took them up in gay room service lift to the guest I had made the arrangement with.

I didn't need to be asked and opened it and he moved closer feeding his cock into my orifice slowly.

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During term time I continued to work in the evenings part-time at the hotel. Instead his soothing voice entered my head and made me yearn for more of his attention.

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No more than five gau since I had left him I was knocking at his door again. When I touched his tool for the goom gay room service it felt like I was gripping a thick tree branch. My body moved back slightly which was just sufficient for him to undo my jeans and slide down the zip of my fly. I was not unused to big cocks having had a regular boyfriend who was equally well-endowed I knew what potential delights lay in store for me and my mind was as equally aroused as my rigid dick.

Gradually as his hands started to wander over my back the t-shirt was lifted over my shoulders and ed my jacket on the floor. I knocked at the door and he let me in.

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