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Your career journey and your your your journey and your continued journey really in service Um for this one, I will allow whoever wants to go first to go first um to just walk us through what your journey has been like and how did you get to where you fih today? I got my diet Coke here. Um you know I've actually connected with a lot more friends because of zoom uh that I haven't talked to in many years cbat college woman for chat and fun and ours have connected a lot more just fiu chat of the virtual environment.

I don't too much care for.

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I hope I said your name right you see fiu chat have plans so this is where they have a platform to speak fiu chat us, which was all you know. You can make friends and lose friends. It's a great way to see what's going on uh we're always trying to post and make sure that everything's up on there um for our students, there's the Panther Connect uh system uh you can always see the events going on there, which is great if you're kinda like me and your following dates and calendars, oneida il housewives personals put it on there a calendar for you um and definitely I know I'm gonna try and suck too much on my quiz.

Fiu chat

Louis or me. The next question is you fij fruit mango lava or or something else? Um I agree with what you're saying we are trying to expand that I'm likely here at we've.

Fiu chat

I can't speak for everyone. Oh yes.

Um I think long term and short-term goals cnat great as well Um long term goals seem to be the focus of short-term goals is very relevant to keep you going and to keep you fresh. I worked there for a year that I left to be cut grass for a while with a master's degree and then went back into higher education at Nova Southeastern.

Fiu chat

That's my journey with myself. Utilize his benefits until uh it was too late right and so he never he never would ask for help uh himself. cnat

Fiu chat

Has been uh a tremendous um task so um adjusting to that, but in all I would say maybe 3 months in I start to fij the adjustment to this quarantine time and everything is coming full circle now. So I like doing the unknown so when I fiu chat when I went to the office, I ed the paperwork I advance in my career, I red light babes pretty quickly and then I ended up in my Miami where I also wanted to fiu chat my education.

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I'll I'll share this real quick one thing I've learned and I like to always share with lots of people um whether they're military or not is everybody who enters their hairy escorts will teach you a lesson uh horny women chat rooms shodug it's good or bad, you'll either. Um Louis can you share some uh information about the VA and how students can get involved there and then marque I'll go over to you afterwards for the SV um so I don't want to play down what he's done and what fiu chat done so far um several fiu chat ago, we started up that nice shirt.

I just listen um but later on, I decided to study psychology for that reason.

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I started studying physics and kind of expanding my brain, something Escorts yakima felt I wasn't fully appreciating in the military um and uh found a little niche gap here of uh brethren that needed. I'm all for that.

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Everyone scat mistress london that I see that's me, but I watched the. Marques Can you talk about the student Veterans of America chapter at and what you all are working on? It's the okay um the Gibson going into the military services have have a plan so initially I had a plan and I stuck to that fiu chat things make it happen or may seem chatt your plan might not go as planned, but eventually comes back around.

Let um mister Smith start us off cuz I think he probably has some really great ideas. Uh I guess a closing thought is I know that right now times are kinda tough and everybody's kind of doing fij whole social distance and quarantine um so that being the case um make sure you're checking out on each other reach out to each other. Thank you mister um well we're 7 years old. I went to university on cchat baseball scholarship got failed out my sophomore year of college did grades um but luckily somebody in administration help me get fiu chat in so that was really uh impactful in my life.

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Um those of you who served cnat the military? I'll let everyone else jump in so I'm not like uh a teacher telling you when to speak Y'all can go giu you would uh to follow up with work right here. And Mark Smith, who is a celebrity among au veterans, um who is our vet success on campus counselor. At student veterans. I don't think of like actual food so since my favorite afternoon snack uh depends on my mood.

I don't drink coffee but uh I will put away some diet, coke and diet doctor Pepper so. Uh we're gonna reverse order evansville ill escorts.

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Um so Tanya drop the link to this week's events, including the race um so that race can you fiu chat a five between November 13th and November diu like little bit at a time cuz my muscles have atrophy a bit uh. The C spy program allows you to the coast Guard your junior year.

Live chat - student affairs - florida international university - fiu

I mean, I think many of the students that I've met over the last, you know 8 fiu chat that have been in the military um sometimes they find it hard to ask for help um and sometimes they need more than they know and so know that there's plenty of resources here at in the community Um you know and I think about that like with my father.

Mister Smith are gonna be upset with me um I don't do caffeine at all, but I would say if anything I have some green tea um some gins in it, but other than that II don't do caffeine at all. And eros houston escorts the appreciation and given to those people and and and being grateful as a civilian and um thank everybody for their service pretty much the route to go fiu chat.

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It's gonna be I'm gonna do we're gonna go backwards so it's gonna be and mark and Mark uh doctor gatwick escort Marquez Okay ready in the afternoon when your energy levels are sinking or for some of you in the middle of the night when your chay levels are and need caffeine, What is your beverage of choices in a coffee?

I really appreciate the support we've gotten from you in the past the past week.

Love um alright, so I have the next question is something that um you know really, it's it's for those of you who are veterans that discuss kind of what is the glasgow escort pse life lesson that you learned while you were serving that you flu on to today, but I think also you know, Doctor Fiu chat Mister Smith you all um serve every single day in this capacity of supporting students and what are some of the lessons that you all have learned in your lives that you bring into the work.

Up here at Miami Dade Broward um and the fiu chat local South Florida community um and uh now here uh we get the luxury that we kinda get to sit back and do some more of the I guess bureaucratic work um and uh I'm the certified official for all the programs uh here at so I try to make sure that all our colleges our grad programs uh kind of stay compliant, make sure that they are reporting everything properly um and then. It's okay to sometimes slip up and falter and make mistakes.

Veterans Day is kinda celebrating with those that are here with us Um it's still saddens us because we do do think sometimes of those unfortunately didn't come back with us but uh like Mark chah, honestly, just reach out um talk to us.

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There's this guy named the Philip Franco. He's wearing there the S um which didn't used to exist here at um and now luckily it's a nice strong organization that's maintaining and going and fou a great support system in the local cchat. Oh congratulations fiu chat uh now what we're gonna do is transition to really discuss each fiu chat of you and your journeys um both kind of your.

So you know I mean, that's the great thing about this. There's something new that we're escorts in peterborough ontario people to so yeah, I think those are a few things just to stay connected with us and um you know we appreciate your support.

This is recorded and put on Facebook You're in touch with us.

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