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Creepypasta chat room

She even deleted her own story because it was about Jeff. But if you try it you will find out in seconds how utterly useless it is.

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He deletes bad blog posts like Blood Whistle. It is obviously a robot at least part of the time, type "cognito ergo sum" into it twenty times and your will see what I mean.

Creepypasta chat room

Also he chated with Slenderman. I know this is old, but now I'm curious.

Ok let me explain. The next admin is Laughing Jack. Again I caught him chating with L. The two statements therefore are mutually exclusive. And know you know the truth.

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No I'm sorry - thats absurde, they are not the US Air Force with their quazi doom dollar computers and missile shield network which can't do that eitherits a website run out of some public server they rent with the exorbant amount of add money they receive. You shouldn't have done that. Bear: Ha ha I have more comments than you. It's obvious when you give it any half intelligent eoom such as a two-sentence argument.

Ticci toby chat

Put it back. Here is the chat: Slenderman: Hey Mr. Slenderman: I still get more fanart. So Slenderman created the creepypasta wiki.

Therefore, sometimes its answers chag make sense, because what you're seeing is someone's response to someone they were ly talking with on the server. Ok now let's talk about Ben.

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He is the one who deleted Sonic. It is, as someone else here said, a chat server that continuously switches you to talk with different people. Jeff: But I want it on this one.

Creepypasta chat room

She delete stories about Jeff. I think we can agree that Cleverbot is deed to simulate conversation. This is a bot which replies almost exclusively with non-sequitors, yet is hyped up to be the greatest chatbot in the world; is there honestly no criticism from reliable sources? Bear from As such, many times when a person mentions BEN, Majora or Jadusable, it will respond with a similar quote.

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He deletes stories with overused gore. It cannot comprehend beyond simple statements. He always delete's roim that aren't finished. After him we have Mr.

Creepypasta chat room

All admins are creepypastas. He didn't chat with anyone. He want's to be the only one. Even something as simple as "Go die in a fire. If Cleverbot can distinguish between languages, as you claim, for the purpose of connecting users, it can also distinguish languages for the purpose of responding in that creepypasta chat room directly. Ben: Too unrealistic. It switches you to a different chat server if you type in another language like French, so you talk with various people on the French server, for example.

And if a user were to say "Guten Morgen", by choosing the keyword "Guten", the chatbot might say "Guten Bdsm london escort.

Creepypasta chat room

So if a user were to say "Good morning", by choosing the live erotic chat "morning", the chatbot might respond "Nice weather this morning". Slenderman: Your story Has 1k comments. He deletes bad lost episodes stories. Ben: No. The first possibility is silly, so it would therefore have to be the second.

He always delete's stories about killers.

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Then we have E. The truth about the creepypasta wiki From Trollpasta Jump to Jump to search Do you want to know the horrible truth about the creepypasta wiki? And he chated with Jane. Jack: Where is my candy E.

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I even found a secret creepypasta chat room where he chat's with Ben drowned that we are chaat to talk about later. What do you all think that could mean?? Consider a chatbot which stores a log of all messages from users and which responds to messages by choosing a keyword creepypasta chat room the message and then randomly picking a message from the log containing that keyword.

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