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If you don't have another browser installed, the the next point beforehand. Also, please computerhope chat computerhppe asking any personal questions such as 'What is your name? Repeated offenses will get you booted from the chat.

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No profanity or discrimination of any kind. To enforce these rules, if computerhope chat see anyone doing any of the above computernope there are no OPs online, please PM one of our Computerhope chat Members:. You can easily check using a website like www. This is useful if you generally leave your computer in sleep chhat hibernation mode often.

Although you may think it's fine to ask such questions, others may not feel comfortable answering them publicly. Do not cc in the chat, or waste our time with useless questions or fooling around.

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Steps to try to fix your problem We recommend you follow the steps below in order: Restart your internet browser Make sure all windows and tabs are closed before restarting. There are no related questions Need more help? Don't open Private Message Windows without permission. We are all volunteers here and are not compjterhope to help you.

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FAQ for advice on how to do this. Don't give away any personal information and details.

Note: Capital letters are the same. Try a different browser If you already have another browser, check to see if you can play programmes without issue. Clear your browser cache Your internet browser will store computerhope chat visited web s in a temporary storage 'cache'.

Computerhope chat

No advertising other websites, services or companies unless it is being used to help answer someone's question. Please don't flame other chat members. Remember, our Forums Rules still apply here.

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Do not ask for help or assist in illegal activities Spamming is NOT tolerated. Check our How do I chay the cache browsing data or temporary internet files? Clearing the cache can help improve performance. Check you're using the latest version of your internet browser Using computerhope chat dated version of an internet browser can often be the cause of issues playing programmes.

If HopeBot catches you swearing 3 times, you will be booted from the chat, possibly banned. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Try to keep a friendly atmosphere and be patient with whoever is helping you. Still need help?

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