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Santander chile holds digital talk showcasing digital banking initiatives to the market

If you would like to participate, please visit the projectwhere you can the discussion and see a list of open tasks. Actually, no one around here uses this.

Moreover, the chat chilenos has an important history and it is the threshold to awesome places. I think that would be clear and non-offensive to native speakers and locals, while also making it easy for Commons contributors to find things. Do we need a warning in the article?

First a little background information. This is copied from Commons, and I would appreciate your suggestions. I like short category names, but only if they are proper and would not be offensive or misleading.

Chat chilenos

Before starting, I am seeking some advice, especially from Chileans or at least Spanish speaking South Americans familiar with Chile and also from Commons participants who work on a lot. And when spoken, they just say "pesos".

Chat chilenos

I hope we have a Wikivoyager who knows Chile well to help with this. On es.

Chat chilenos

I think using the abbreviated name would be very acceptable to native speakers and locals, while also keeping the names simple to type. The main variation from en.

Talk:chile genealogy • familysearch

It is customary in English names to reverse the order "O'Higgins Region"which also helps with the automatic alphabetizing of the category names. The regions each have a shorthand name e.

Chat chilenos

Another common short name I see is just "Magallanes Region", though that really short name might have political overtones and be more popular with people who do not feel Chile has legitimate claims to land in Antartica. RM is similar to the U. District of Columbia, in that it is chhat a regular state, but chat chilenos special administrative region that is the home of the nation's capital Santiago de Chile in the case of Chile.

Chat chilenos

The article has clearly been very unloved. Did not even have an undersand section.

Below is my complete recommendation. It makes cha very difficult to locate media or organize the media that is there. I believe the danger is past unless things something else hits.

Once there is a sensible list of cities and other destinations I will add them all. I seem to be duplicating the efforts of other people. Please leave your comments on Commons:Category talk:Regions of Chile.

Chat chilenos

They combine English and Spanish in a very inconsistent manner.

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