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Step 2 : Web server From version 4.

Insert the code into your web. The format is: If the flashchat. Please feel free to support flashchat.

Select room that will show when loading. Usually it takes only one minute to finish installation, chat server will then automatically start as NT Service.

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You can choose the client type that you need to generate code here, they are may be Standard chat, Admin panel, Lite chat, Avatar chat, Html chat, Pocket PC chat or Banner chat. Note: If the chat client fails to be loaded after the above code was inserted into your web, please check the path of "flashchat.

Enter Chat server host name or IP. Click Copy to copy the embedded code.

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Open a browser to enjoy chatting, congratulations! Enter chat port. For the "Open private chat type", when you open private chat, and private chat window will be arranged default in tabs or popup mode.

Chat 123 flash

Enter the URL of your flashchat. For advanced setting, please check Manual.

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Step 3 : Insert html code You can insert flashchat. Enter the size of client end, you may set it to specific size or full screen.

Code Generator provides a simple way to generate the embeded code for your chat: To generate code for your chat: 1. To integrate milf escort new carlsbad chat client to a web server other than the built-in web server, please: Copy "client" folder Copy the chat 123 flash folder to the web directory of your web server, but keep in mind: DONNOT copy the "server" folder to protect them from being downloaded by chatters, which is very insecure.

Chat 123 flash

The "server" folder should be already securely installed on the web server so far. As shown below: Synchronize the name color before the message after message color is changed When you define this option, the user's message color will be the same of the color of username. We offer installation service to flashchat software buyer, please attach your purchase as chxt identity.

Chat 123 flash

Click Finished to generate code. Tab Mode: Popup Mode: Popup with profile: For the "Define the spacing pixel between two messages", when you enter a in it flssh click the Save button, the effect will be as the following picture shows: For 13 "The maximum smileys per message", when you enter a I entered "4" in it and click the Save button, the effect will be as the following picture shows:. Select mode.

Chat 123 flash

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