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Bisexual message board

Jump to Jump to search Gingerbeer was a London -based virtual community for lesbian and biseuxal women. In the eighteen months to the end of Maythey logged overposts in over topics or discussion thre.

Gay and bisexual men's use of the internet: research from the s through

So here is the deal, Next year I will be heading off for college, Ive been to some rush parties yes mexsage and I even got a bid. But i'm still nervous cause I know the contents of this board cannot reflect the entire fraternity system.

So what should i do? I'm totally lost here guys, any and all info would be helpful Thanx for reading all that PS I'm no flammer I sought My God and I could not see I sought my soul and it alluded me I sought my brother and found all three BigGrin.

I read some of your other post and they all seemed pretty motivational cept for Fred and his buddies. I'm bi it's acually more confusing than that, but we don't have the time and the thing I'm worried about most of all, more than leaving my parents, more than tuition and scholarships, is what to do about this situation.

Bisexual message board

Besides the messageboards, Gingerbeer offered listings of bars, clubs and community events, reviews, and a London guide. Should I : 1 play it off the whole for years I'm there and just not 120 babes let them get to know the real me? It was maintained and moderated entirely by a team of volunteers.

Bisexual message board

Gingerbeer became an official not-for-profit organisation in Marchwhen it was registered as a limited company by guarantee. The name "Gingerbeer" Cockney bisxual slang for " queer " referred to both the web site, and to the community, which it supported.

Bicon – the uk's main bisexual gathering.. – its longest continuously running annual lgbt+ event

Gingerbeer was recommended messge a useful resource for lesbians by some travel guides. Gingerbeer was initially launched on 1 January[1] and underwent two subsequent relaunches, firstly on 25 June and later on 11 Novemberfollowing a major rede. I would normally opt for 2, but i have heard that may cause a ruckus because i wasnt honest with them to begin with.

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